Today's Vote on Trumpcare



As you may know, the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) is being voted on today. In it's current form, Essential Health Benefits would "sunset" and not be required by health plans beginning December 31, 2019.

This means mental health would no longer be an Essential Health Benefit. The California Legislature could keep mental health as an Essential Health Benefit, but the block grant sent to California to implement the AHCA would not cover the expenses associated with mental health and substance use treatment given the other requirements for the block grant. 

In short, if this bill becomes a law, beginning January 1, 2020, the substance use treatment industry will fundamentally change. There is a lot that will happen prior to this bill becoming a law, like changes or rejection by the Senate. Additionally, the voters go to the ballot box in November of 2018 and the millions of people who will lose coverage under Trumpcare may let their voices be heard to elect Democrats and Independents who can make a fundamental change to Trumpcare.

ATAC continues to fight on your behalf in Sacramento and is beginning to put together a legislative plan in the event Trumpcare is passed. Please note that Governor Brown was at the rally against Trumpcare on the Washington Capitol steps. We expect our future Governor to have the same perspective.



Strength in Numbers,


Stampp Corbin 



Joan Borsten

Vice President

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