Dave Jones for Attorney General 6/5/2018 CA

Some thoughts from Joan and Josie before casting a vote or Attorney General this Tuesday...
Josie Herndon and I, Joan Borsten Vidov, took two important messages away from the "Dave Jones for Attorney General" fundraiser last Friday evening.  
1) Dave Jones has only 6 more months as Insurance Commissioner and there are still many facilities that have yet to be paid by Health Net; probably because their lawyers are waiting to see if the next Insurance Commissioner will be more supportive of Health Net
2) Having an Attorney General who understands the health insurance insurance industry would be a very good thing for the addiction treatment industry.
Our State, unlike let's say New York, is painfully under regulated because oversight is divided between the Department of Insurance (with an elected commissioner) and the Department of Managed Health Care (which reports to the Governor).  Additionally a third agency, the US Department of Labor's Los Angeles office, oversees California employer funded plans.  While Commissioner Jones was eager to explain his position on serious issues like access to addiction treatment for those exiting the criminal justice system, ATAC members were more focused on whether as Attorney General he could find a way to end the regulatory disfunction in California that is impacting all who pay premiums to health insurance carriers, out-of-network addiction treatment facilities and probably the in-network as well.   Jones was well aware of the problem, if not the solution.  He explained the creative ways he found to resolve some of the thorny problems that faced him even when he lacked the legal authority and that gave us some hope.   Thanks to Ken Seeley and Eric McLaughlin from Intervention 911 for sponsoring the event with West Hollywood City Council member John Heilman.  Other ATAC members in attendance were Alex Van Kovn from Alta Centers and Erin Burke from Hansei Billing and a member of the Underpayments Steering Committee.
Joan and Josie

Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition

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