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  • commented on Small Rehab Forced to Close Due to Pervasive Insurance Fraud 2017-04-25 17:55:36 -0700
    Mr. Horvath, Im really sorry to hear what you have had to go through. At the same time, as the founder of a treatment program that has been around for close to three decades i can definitely relate to your situation. These illegal actions by some in our industry combined with illegal actions which Health Net has been engaged-in has put my long standing programs in a dire situation!

    I would say for every ten evaluations we have roughly 6-7 will tell us that although they would prefer to attend our program due to our reputation, but that they have been told by a few other programs that they will just accept their insurance as is, which of course is not only against the law but this illegal practice has been very destructive to our industry as a whole.

    On one hand as an industry we already are having to deal with these extremely POWERFUL insurance companies that would like to see as many treatment programs close as possible, and on the other, we are having to compete with some very bad players in our own industry. Of course being around for so long i speak to some of the other longer standing programs which many are struggling to stay open… just because we refuse to cave-in and engage-in some of these unethical and illegal practices. I love this industry, and what we stand for. It is what I do best in my life. yes, this is a very sad situation!

    As an ATAC member, on the bright side of things, due to our hard working and amazing leadership whatever programs that manage to stay around through this difficult time I believe will be walking into 2018 in a much different light :)

    Our ATAC leadership is non-stop. They currently have many different pieces of legislation working their way though the legislation process. by the way, many of these issues which ATAC is attempting to deal with using the legislation process are either to uphold current law or make law. What is great is that these pieces of legislation are to deal with both… these powerful insurance companies and also to get the players in our industry to follow the highest industry practices or they will have to get-out

    I certainly hope that my programs are still around when once again respect and dignity are restored to this industry, this industry which I and many others have been able to express our God given talents with others in great need.

    Mr Horvath, I wish nothing but the best for your future and what you have to offer to our industry.

    Many Blessings,

    Anthony Lopez,
    Insight Treatment Programs :)

  • commented on Health Net fails to throw California Addiction Treatment Provider lawsuit out of court 2017-03-16 08:27:50 -0700
    Yayyyyy great news to wake up to!

    Joan you are SO awesome :)
    Peace and Blessings