New Website Launched!


We're proud to launch our new website. We've implemented some great updates and additions to make your membership easier to use. 


Here's what's new!

  • New committee landing page will be organized and will allow the user to view committee members and other content,
  • Implement a new membership application form with the ability to allow member to add additional staff (not assigned to a committee) during membership application process,
  • Improve the way new members are activated by sending an email upon membership submission and overall experience,
  • Re-organize the Underpayments Committee portal page to be easy to use,
  • Look to see if we can add a feed / collaborative process for underpayments committee members to more easily collaborate and share info, links, etc.,
  • Fix member login process to match existing site, ie: member logs in, gets directed to member portal page with links,
  • Add a member portal button at the top that shows up when members are logged in, when not logged in, the button switches to a "member login link".


If there are any other suggestions you may have, please do not hesitate to email us and let us know how to enhance your experience!


Strength in Numbers!

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