Meet The ATAC Board

Our board is comprised of a group of experienced healthcare professionals with over 50+ years experience.

Stampp Corbin

ATAC President

Stampp is the CEO of a diagnostic laboratory company. A serial social entrepreneur, Mr. Corbin has successfully built socially responsible organizations that have achieved annual revenues of over $100 million. As a social entrepreneur, Mr. Corbin’s motto is “doing well by doing good.” For eight years, Mr. Corbin served on the Board of Trustees of Mount Carmel Health Systems, a $1.8 billion hospital system in Columbus, Ohio.

He is committed to advancing the rights of those suffering from substance use disorder and advocating for those organizations that provide critical treatment service.

Mr. Corbin is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Business School.


Joan Borsten

ATAC Vice President

A native of Southern California, Joan graduated UC Berkeley, served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Panama and got her Masters degree from USC. She then became a journalist, based first in Tel Aviv and then in Rome, working both the Jerusalem Post and the Calendar Section of the Los Angeles Times. With her husband, Russian film star Oleg Vidov, she owned and operated a successful film and television production/distribution company.

In 2007 they co-founded Malibu Beach Recovery Center, an alcohol and drug treatment facility based on neuroscience. She served as CEO from 2007, eventually expanding operations to include a women’s only facility in West Los Angeles. Both treatment centers and an affiliated Intensive Outpatient Program were acquired by RiverMend Health in June 2014.

Since then Joan has continued the advocacy work she began in 2009 for California’s proud network of addiction treatment facilities. In 2016 she co-founded the Addiction Treatment Advocacy Coalition.

Jim Brady

Co-Founder & Board Member

Jim Brady is the co-founder and co-owner with his wife, Patricia Brady, of AToN Center, 4 six- bed addiction treatment centers, located in Encinitas. AToN is licensed and certified by the Department of Health Care Services to provide sub-acute detox and residential treatment, and accredited by The Joint Commission. Mr. Brady has served as the CEO since its creation in 1988 and oversees daily operations.

Mr. Brady spends much of his time on insurance related issues involving denial of care or wrongful underpayments of claims in a capacity of client advocate. This experience has given him much insight into some of the toughest issues currently being experienced by ATAC members. Mr. Brady has assisted with the board in preparation of documentation and strategies presented by ATAC to California’s insurance regulators and state legislators with the goal of helping ATAC members collect reimbursement based on the actual benefits of a client’s plan.

Mr. Brady sits on both the ATC Underpayments and Legal Committees as well as serving as an active board member. He freely shares information from his long experience with the nuances of processing claims and successfully resolving claim disputes.

Paul Ponomarenko

ATAC Co-founder & Board Member

Paul founded Summit Estate Recovery Center in 2011, converting his family property to fulfill his vision of a healing, holistic and clinically sound recovery center.

He has overseen the growth, management, and expansion of services. Prior to founding Summit Estate, Paul was a broker and financial advisor with Morgan Stanley.

Paul enjoys spending his time kite surfing, wakeboarding, and practicing martial arts. He has drawn upon his passion for an active lifestyle to develop the thriving wellness-based culture within his Recovery Programs.

Scott Kiloby

ATAC Secretary

Scott Kiloby, secretary for ATAC, is a licensed attorney in Indiana and a consultant for addiction treatment providers with regard to ethical and legal compliance.

He is the CEO of the Kiloby Center for Recovery and the COO of MyLife Recovery Centers.

Sergei Vidov

ATAC Treasurer

Sergei serves as ATAC Treasurer. His billing company AuBiCo specializes in helping facilities that take employer-funded policies get paid in accordance with the benefits actually quoted, using comprehensive audits, billing and collections services.

Anna Ponomarenko

ATAC Co-founder & Board Member

Anna Ponomarenko is a Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Management. Dr. Ponomarenko turns her understanding of human behavior into comprehensive solutions that focus on conflict resolution, effective communication, and cultural sensitivities.

She has been recognized for managing substance use treatment programs and successfully trained staff in organizational policies, procedures, HR activities, and company expectations.

Her experience in substance use treatment was the inspiration to her Doctoral dissertation where she developed a research-based strategic model which incorporates specific qualities for measurable and quantifiable changes towards systematic integrity.

She now practices as an organizational management consultant to various industries.